Every load of turf is delivered to your jobs cut-to-order fresh with plenty of dirt on the sod. We bring the turf to your job on a just-in-time basis, and take away what is leftover, charging for exactly what we use. Our employees take great pride in every installation. The consistent handling of the turf from our fields to your job results in a stellar turf product and the highest quality service.

Our installation services include light raking, cut-to-fit installing techniques, and power-rolling with a 1,200 lb. roller after we lay the grass to insure proper soil to sod contact. This eliminates air pockets to the roots that could cause dead spots.

Because we grow all of our own grass, we can control every aspect of Total Quality Management in sod production. We will never dig any grass unless we have an order.

We offer several options for our grass service:

  • We load the grass for you at our field closest to you, we need a day notice to have it dug fresh.
  • We deliver the grass to your location and spot the pallets around the job at your discretion. We usually need a week notice on delivery depending on the time of year.
  • We come to your location, provided the ground is final graded, and install the grass at your discretion. With this service, we arrive with your fresh cut order of grass, install the sod, and roll it with a 1,200 lb. power roller to ensure a level finished the yard. Power rolling also ensures good root to soil contact to eliminate air pockets which may damage the grasses.
  • We staple slopes when needed on steep inclines.
  • We carry general liability and workman’s compensation. We are active members of the Oklahoma Sod Producers Association and the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association.
  • Here are some pictures of our newest project, “The Oklahoma City Zoo Asia Exhibit” Opening March 11, 2011!!! Our featured

9-Iron Bermuda is the grass of choice for the heavy foot traffic in the actual elephant pens! Will it hold up, only time will tell.